Print Store
Many of you have inquired about affordable prints of original paintings so we've launched an online store featuring a new line of art prints, stretched canvases, iPhone cases and t-shirts!  Of course, if you want an original piece to call your own, we're always up for a creating a custom, commissioned piece so don't be shy...  Please email either Glen (glen AT gregorydouglass DOT com) or Gregory (gregory AT gregorydouglass DOT com) for more information about their artwork.
Click here to visit Gregory's print store:
I've been a closeted painter for many years now and it all began with blank walls, red wine and Joni Mitchell records (literally, vinyl).  Being a starving artist/musician myself, I couldn't really afford to adorn the walls of my home with the artwork that I so love and appreciate.  I've always been particularly drawn to modern artwork that is both striking and surrealistic within its exposition.  Luckily, that approach felt within my means of execution so I thought, "I'll just create my own paintings for my living room!"  I've always pegged myself as a musician and I've rarely ever strayed from that world but I remembered that one of my greatest heros, Joni Mitchell, was just as prolific of a painter as she was a singer/songwriter.  I'm sure she would agree that painting is a refreshing alternative to music yet still as contemplative of a creative outlet.  Here's a collection of what I've made over the past five years, please let me know what you think or if you're interested in commissioning a piece for your own living room: gregory [AT] gregorydouglass [DOT COM]
Gregory Douglass