"One of New England's best-kept secrets."
-Morning Edition, NPR
“Gregory Douglass possesses the voice of an angel - an angel in league with a devil, who conspires to seduce you with beauty." 
-Pamela Polston, Seven Days
"Rufus Wainwright´s opulent musicality and Justin Timberlake´s accessible soulfulness... Welcome to your new favorite singer-songwriter."
-Barry Walters, OUT Magazine
"Up & Away channels everyone from Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple in a way that's terrifyingly mature for someone so young."
-Japhy Grant, Instinct Magazine
"Gregory taught me so much about being a musician."
-Grace Potter (Hollywood Records)
“Gregory Douglass is simply the most remarkable new talent I’ve heard in a decade.  A brilliant, intelligent songwriter with an expressive and versatile voice…”

-Will Ackerman (Founder of Windham Hill Records)
“Gregory works so hard and has really developed an awesome grassroots career. He’s a very driven artist.”

-Anais Mitchell (Creator/Composer of Hadestown on Broadway)
"Douglass—with his gorgeous voice and poignant, piercing lyrics—burns with a fire that cannot be extinguished or ignored.  BATTLER is a soul-lifting masterpiece."
-B. Walker, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Of hundreds of artists I've heard this past year, Gregory Douglass is among the very top! Amazing voice and superb arrangements. Outstanding in every respect!"
-Douglas Newsom, BBS Radio

"Whether you’re a devotee or total newcomer, you won’t be disappointed by his latest offering – HX caught up with Douglass to discuss the influences that make BATTLER such a damn good album."
-Joseph Sanchez, HX Magazine

"BATTLER is worth checking out. It’s soulful with harmonies that will take you on a ride down a melancholy road, and from time to time, it might even pick you up a little too."
-Anita Overcash, Creative Loafing

“BATTLER surely has battled its way to be heard but the victors are the ones who listen as its a gem in waiting to be discovered."
-Higher Plain Music (Blog)

"BATTLER is one of the stronger singer-songwriter albums in recent memory. Though it came about from a recent bout with depression, the result is a journey you’ll want to take again and again."
-Anthony Jones, Edge Boston

"These albums are not to be missed."
-All Fun Musik Online

"The album is called “Battler,” and quite simply, it's a masterstroke."
-Mary Cutrufello (Polygram Records)

"It is no exaggeration to state that records such as BATTLER should become a benchmark to future singer/songwriters in years to come."
-Bob Werner, Frontiers Magazine

"Each time Gregory puts out a new record it is even better than the last. I always think, ‘well this one is the best, he’ll never top it.’ And yet, each time he does."
-Amy Lotsberg, Collected

"Up & Away is a collection of lush, sophisticated compositions with underlying danger and foreboding that still seduce your heart, even when you’re aware of the darkness."
-Jennifer Layton,

"Up & Away finds the Vermont-based artist maturing in fascinating directions."
-Gregg Shapiro, Bay Area Reporter

"Up & Away" features many songs that truly spark emotion and depth, that few artists can give us."
-R. Olivera Jr, "Qbliss," Sirius Satellite Radio

"Meshing falsetto tremors that would’ve made Jeff Buckley jealous, with Maxwell’s R & B sensibility, Douglass creates songs with hooks and harmonies so perfect, it’s impossible not to be leveled by them. The moody subtleties of “Upside Down” alone, have kept this album in my stereo for weeks."
-Andrea Bussell, Northeast Performer Magazine

"Gregory Douglass is a hidden treasure and I´m sure you will fall in love with his music the same minute you put the album on."
-Pär Winberg, (Sweden)

"Gregory Douglass sings from his soul and leads with his heart. His voice is a gift... delivered in beautiful, compelling songs and knock-out performances."
-Jody Petersen, Cliff House Audio / Former P.D. WNCS "The Point"

“I love your music, it’s beautiful... I’m really glad I got a chance to see you perform.”
-Margaret Cho (Comedian, Actress)

"Soaring & soulful vocals...  I absolutely loved playing with you."
-Catie Curtis (Singer/Songwriter)

"Douglass’s songs pour out like golden aural honey."
-James Hillis,