1 : 1 Coaching with Gregory Douglass

Want to amplify your creative mission? Let’s make it happen.

You're already a smart and savvy creative entrepreneur who wants to make a real impact in the world, right? You’ve got the drive, intention, and creative genius to make magic happen, but here’s the problem: 

All this pandemic-related uncertainty has made you unsure of everything. You’re currently feeling stuck, stagnant with your creative momentum, and you feel like you’re still waiting for the right opportunities to come along.

This is an ongoing struggle with nearly every creative person I know and every successful entrepreneur I’ve worked with – now even more than before. You’re so not alone.

That’s why I offer 1 to 1 coaching – to help you stop waiting in line and start creating your own opportunities.

I want to show you how easy it can be to create the experiences you want to have and the life you want to live – simply by using the same creative superpowers you already have and engaging them in ways you haven’t even thought of yet.

In our time together, I’ll show you essential steps to uncovering powerful insights and clarity surrounding what’s holding you captive in life. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • Why creating your own opportunities is so important to your happiness, your sanity, the sustainability of your craft, and to your future wild success stories
  • How to own what you really want (vs. what you think you want) so that you are positioned to move mountains with your creative genius
  • How to make the opportunity magic happen using your own unique creative edge
  • How to align with the right people to help you actualize your dreams
  • How to do the work that matters most to you
  • How to expand your reach and amplify your creative purpose in the world

You’ll be equipped with pandemic-proof frameworks in place, inspired and ready to create your own opportunities to help remind the world that you’re here to make a difference.

Email me at gregory@gregorydouglass.com for more details about pricing and how we can work together to amplify your creative mission.

Here’s to your creative genius!