"A fantastic night. You were spectacular, Gregory Douglass. I laughed, cried, and relived my '70's life. And your rendition of The Carpenters's catalog... Superstar level. Deep thanks for a fab night!
-Rick Tamlyn

"You are amazing!!! I absolutely loved the show! I could close my eyes at times and hear and feel Karen Carpenter!! So proud and inspired by you!!!"
-Sisounthone Sihapanya

“It was a truly wonderful sing-along feeling-good time!”
-Dina Senesac

"I was about 12 when I heard my first Carpenters song… When I'd babysit the neighbors kids after they all went to sleep I'd put on a Carpenters album and escape into that voice. A little gay kid lost in Karen's music. Last evening was a tribute to them and it was amazing. An outdoor venue filled with folks who had my experience – all singing and humming and being the kid that I wasn't able to be. It was great!"
-Bob German

"Gregory Douglass’ A Song For You: Carpenters Tribute Night is filling the Palm Springs night with easy listening melodies and the deceptively complex arrangements of Karen and Richard Carpenter."
-Christopher Lisotta

“I tried to get tickets but after I saw it on the news it was sold out!"
-Krista Lee

"What a fun evening!"
-Robert Weiner

Booking Inquires

Interested in presenting “A Song For You” Carpenters Tribute concert at a venue near you? For booking inquires, please contact Gregory Douglass at 805-220-8158 or gregory@gregorydouglass.com.

Praise for Gregory Douglass' Carpenters Tribute

About "A Song For You" Carpenters Tribute

On November 10, 2023, Gregory Douglass and Michael Orland presented “A Song For You" – an intriguing vocal and piano tribute to the Carpenters at Oscar's in downtown Palm Springs, California. Celebrating the soft rock legacy of Karen and Richard Carpenter, the performance was an emotional journey back to the music of 1969-1973, brought to life by both esteemed artists: Palm Springs local Gregory Douglass on vocals and Los Angeles-based Michael Orland on piano.

After a twice-sold-out show, “A Song For You” brought multiple generations of the community together for a memorable evening of 70s nostalgia, meaningful music, and new connections. From baby boomers who fondly recall the Carpenters' chart-topping hits during their prime, to younger generations discovering the magic of their music, “A Song For You” Carpenter’s tribute concert was a uniquely successful blend of sing-along-able moments and surprise guest performances. Special thanks to all of our sponsors for making this tribute possible.