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Can I write a song for you? ? A personalized song is such a sentimental gift because music has the power to encapsulate the most important moments of our lives.

If you'd like to commission an original, custom Gregory Douglass song for a special occasion – written and professionally recorded just for you or your loved one – please email me for more details at

It's been such a joy to compose and record personalized songs for people in the past. I can't wait to connect deeper with you and continue the expansion of my songwriting through custom song commissions.

I have a limited amount of these opportunities, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you're curious about learning more...


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My song "Alibis" is featured in one of Netflix newest original shows "The Rain" – and what a prominent placement it is! The first season is now available to binge-watch :) #douglassandchill

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