November 1st, 2022:

Together, we collectively raised $21,721 with the help of 181 very supportive backers. That means that the recording costs for my forthcoming album THIS DREAM have been successfully funded! 

THIS DREAM will be my 11th indie record. 11 albums make for a lot of original music, and your support continues to make it all possible. To celebrate, I'm even pressing a short run of it on vinyl for the first time ever as well...

If you didn't get a chance to pledge, there's still time to support the new album...

We raised enough to cover the baseline goal, which will finance the recording costs. That means the album will be made! But promoting the album is a whole other ballgame, so any additional funds will go toward promotional costs 🚀

If you'd still like to make a pledge, you can pledge via Venmo (@gregorydouglass) or PayPal (

Be sure to visit the original campaign page first and send a note as to which pledge level you'd like to receive:

You can alternatively send a good old-fashioned check via snail mail. Just email me directly for more details about that at

These new songs will tell shameless stories enveloped in modern-meets-80s throwback production. Think Troye Sivan or Florence + the Machine meets the power ballads of 80s bands like Heart or Roxette!

This campaign is as much about reconnection for me as it is about celebrating new music – so thank you for staying a part of my creative journey!

This new album is all about turning shame into shamelessness. I am so very grateful for all of your support  – and I can’t wait to make THIS DREAM a reality now. 

Yours in music,


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