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Gregory Updates

Updates on all things music and events-related in Gregory's world.
G g turkey day 2017

Thank You

I tend to feel the most gratitude for things in the aftermath of experiencing them, and that's likely why I woke up this morning feeling all of my feelings :) Holidays bring such a flurry of activity that it's often difficult to stop and reflect in the heat of the moment (or the heat of the oven)... 

Yesterday, Glen and I had a quiet Thanksgiving for two here in LA. We went to a matinee screening of the new Pixar movie Coco which pays homage to the importance of family, tradition, and music – all in one…

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Img 3544

Hotel Cafe Show Videos & Pics

I'm still beaming from Sunday night's show at The Hotel Cafe... Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made it so memorable! Here are some pics & videos from the show – as well as an enthusiastic video testimonial from my new fan, Brett Talbot :)

Img 3382

Halloween 2017

Everyone back east has already seen my Edward Scissorhands, but Glen Nadeau and I took the west coast by storm last night! We've heard so much about the Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood, so we decided to repurpose old costumes and join the festivities :) Glen's giraffe got a fresh, west-coast look, and Edward was in good company all night...



Insta post pledge drive

Facebook Live Web Concert Replays

In case you missed my "10 Days To 100 Patrons" pledge drive, I just wrapped up a string of five (5) Facebook live web concerts to celebrate the campaign! I ended the campaign with 61 patrons (which surpassed my "halfway" goal of 50 patrons), so I'll happily call that a successful pledge drive!

Every day of the pledge drive I honored a different album from my discography in chronological order. My forthcoming Live From The Chapel live album will make album #10, so I thought it would be fun to pay homage to…

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Gd website banner p2017 fb live hotel cafe

Live Web Concerts & LA Show

I'll be doing a 10-day "pledge drive" from Oct. 12 - 21 to help spread more awareness about the importance of patron support like yours here at Patreon, and I'll be performing a string of solo web concerts to help celebrate the occasion! 

I'll be streaming live on Facebook at 4pm PST / 7pm EST on Oct. 13, 15, 17, 19 & 21 at: 

And if you're in the LA area, I'm playing a band show at The Hotel Cafe (along with the super-talented David J. Moriarty) on Sunday, Nov. 5

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9 11 soundtrack cover

"Valley" on 9/11 Movie Soundtrack

Sept 2, 2017

This just in: Gregory's song "Valley" will be featured on the soundtrack for the new 9/11 film (starring Charlie Sheen & Whoopi Goldberg)!

After many years of production, Martin Guigui's latest feature film 9/11 will finally be out in theaters this month. The classical score is as powerful as the film, and Pacific Records will be releasing an accompanying soundtrack of songs and artists who have honored 9/11.

There are several Vermont-connected folks involved with this film, including country…

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Ben rehavia cover of light dont shine still

People Covering Gregory's Songs

I'm so touched when someone on the other side of the world is moved enough to cover one of my songs... So much that I decided to create a YouTube playlist for those who have done so!

Shout-out to Ben Rehavia for his beautiful cover of "Light Don't Shine":

And keep watching for more great interpretations of my songs from other talented individuals around the world!

With gratitude,



50 Years Young in Cape Cod

The lovely and exquisite Yo Yo Mo (Monique Citro) celebrated her 50th birthday last week, so Glen and I joined her in Cape Cod for a week of fun in the sun! Mo decided to rent a house near Provincetown with a group of about seven of us. It was a memorable week "away from it all” – and we had a gay old time! 

If you haven’t experienced the wonders of Provincetown yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a magical little beach town with so much to love. We went to some drag shows (shout-out to the hilarious Dina

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Photo jul 07 10 45 28 pm

An Evening With Paula Cole

I was fortunate enough to see Paula Cole the other night here at McCabe’s – a great little venue in Santa Monica, just ten minutes from where I live. It was the third time I’ve seen Paula perform live, and the first time I realized what an incredibly underappreciated live performer she is. 

I was just at McCabes a month ago to support my longtime friend and musical mentor, Anais Mitchell, when I noticed that Paula would be performing soon after. I marked my calendar so I could get tickets, but before I…

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Gd noisetrade feature still

Gregory featured on 'New & Notable'

Thanks to the new-music-enthusiasts at for featuring my latest album My Hero, The Enemy on their home page 'New & Notable’ section today! Check it out... 

I love NoiseTrade because they help both artists connect directly with fans through the exchange of email addresses and postal codes. Fans get to discover new music for free in exchange for their email and postal code – that’s it.  

But why is this more beneficial to artists than fans actually paying for the music you ask? Because…

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Radio talpa podcast screenshot

Gregory Featured on Italian Podcast RadioTalpa'Z

Special thanks to the folks at RadioTalpa'Z for spotlight my latest album My Hero, The Enemy! The entire podcast is in Italian, but I trust you guys are saying all good things ;)

Click below to listen to the podcast...

Photo jun 23 9 17 24 pm

An Evening With Danielle LaPorte

My heart is full after seeing the exquisite Danielle LaPorte speak last night here in Los Angeles. Her poetic insight was a warm bath for the soul, and it was such a treat for Glen and I both to meet her in person finally.  

I've been spreading the gospel of Reverend LaPorte for years now. Though it's not easy to label her and all the good she contributes to the world – author, spiritual teacher, crusader of truth, creative alchemist are a few terms that come to mind. In her own words, “I’m in the…

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Photo may 27 12 05 32 pm

"Running Behind" by VVS Intuitive Songwriting Group

I just got back from two weeks in late May with four incredibly talented young songwriters from the Verde Valley School in Sedona, Arizona.  

Every year VVS caps their academic year off with something they call Project Period, which offers every VVS student a chance to learn, create and participate in various projects that challenge each students creative potential above and beyond even their own expectations.  I was continually inspired by my Intuitive Songwriting group throughout our time together. Each…

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Gd feature on sga com

Songwriter's Guild of America

I'm honored to announce that I'm currently working with the Songwriter's Guild of America to help developing songwriters. Together we will be working on various new initiatives to help support, educate and inspire songwriters at all levels. 

If you’re a songwriter yourself but aren’t currently an SGA member, there's so many services and resources you can benefit from joining. Developing songwriters can hone their skills with courses, submit songs to pro critiques, network with pros, meet peers, and more…

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'Live From The Chapel' Update (5 videos)

I'm just gonna keep on celebrating my newest album My Hero, The Enemy with this live “rockumentary” that's in the works... I'm calling it Live From The Chapel, and every song from My Hero, The Enemy was performed live at The Chapel in San Francisco, CA on January 10, 2016 specifically for this project. I'm planning to release it as a live album and "rockumentary" film later this year, and here's what I've released of it publicly so far...

My patrons over at Patreon are helping to make this project possible…

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Martin guigui

A Brand New Album with Martin Guigui (Producer)

This just in: I'm thrilled to announce that I'm going to work on a brand new album this year with the insanely talented Martin Guigui as my producer!

Martin and I go way back to our shared Vermont routes where we first connected, but he's been out here in LA for 20 years now making magic happen in nearly every facet of the entertainment industry. 

As a screenwriter, director and producer, he's directed 8 Features, written 16 screenplays, and Executive Produced over a dozen films, including his latest feature…Read more
Gd band hg april 2017 by mike reilly

A Spring Tour To Remember

*Photo by Tony Piccirillo

I'm still high from the fumes of such wonderful shows in the Northeast in late March and early April. It was a short tour, but a mighty one! I spent two weeks back on the east coast performing beautiful venues with incredible ensembles of musicians and friends alike. It was a collection of shows that were booked with intention, promoted with care, and rewarded with warm audiences and welcoming promoters. This is the "quality over quantity" approach that I prefer taking as an…Read more
Fb ad3 is ecourse june 2016 01

Two (2) Ways To Experience Intuitive Songwriting e-Course

I'm excited to say that there are now two (2) ways to experience the Intuitive Songwriting full self-study course! I've just teamed up with Udemy to offer Intuitive Songwriting on their platform – so if you're already on Udemy and prefer to get all your e-learning from a familiar platform, just click here to learn more

If you've already become familiar with my Teachable (primary) teaching platform after taking my free introductory course The Road To Intuitive Songwriting for a spin, now you can saturate…

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Mhte album cover small

My Hero, The Enemy - Now on iTunes!

The exceptionally long wait is over for those of you who have been waiting to add my latest album to your iTunes collection! My Hero, The Enemy is now available on iTunes, and I can’t wait for you to hear it if you haven’t yet already… 

I would love to hear from you once you have a chance to give it a listen, and I encourage you to listen through good with headphones (vs. just earbuds) at least once! 

Wdtmg lyric book cover only 01

Where did the music go?

I am SO excited to announce that the complete Gregory Douglass song lyric book has arrived! So if you’ve been wondering what on earth I’m actually saying in the songs I’ve sung over the years, than this is the book for you :) It’s here just in time for the holidays, and might be the perfect gift for any Gregory Douglass fans you know of (or for your own coffee table). And if you pre-order an autographed copy before Nov. 15, 2016 you’ll get 20% off… 

Where Did The Music Go? is a collection of my complete…

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